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Northvale, NJ

This warehouse was renovated to store Children’s furniture. LIFTEX raised half of the existing building for the client, who had secured a tenant for the other half. The raise included creating a new steel perimeter, as the current framing is wall bearing, which will be used to support the newly raised roof. The project was successfully completed in April 2020, with the client opting to enclose with a Dens Glas and Stucco finish.

Project Name : Northvale
Location : 107 Stonehurst Ct, Northvale, NJ
Building Square Footage : 26,520
Pre Lift Roof Height : 18′
Post Lift Roof Height : 32′
Roof Lifted : 14′
Added Cubic Feet : 371,280
Project Completion Date : July 2020


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