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Introducing LIFTEX Roof Lifting

Meet LIFTEX, formerly E-Z Riser Roof Raising.

Here at LIFTEX, we’re entering a new chapter in our journey that we feel will best help us serve you in the ever-changing commercial real estate landscape.

With a new name and a fresh look, LIFTEX (formerly E-Z Riser Roof Raising) is poised to help more property owners and businesses than ever before with our  time-tested services. Increasing the building’s cubic footage allows existing locations to boost revenues and scale with rising demands. 

So why does a 50 year old business change their name?”

It’s a fair question. The patented E-Z Riser Roof Raising system was developed by our team over four decades ago. Our innovative solution filled a need for property owners who wanted more vertical space for operations without undertaking the expenses – or risks – associated with developing or buying more property or moving facilities. 

In the years since then, our brand has become so much more than a patented process. Now we are a seasoned and battle-tested team that offers expert consultations, innovative engineering, and superior service to our clients that choose to “build up.” 


We’re Number One in Roof Lifting.

The new name simply answers the questions of who, how, and why. Experts in Lifting for the purpose of vertical Expansion. That’s who we are, that’s LIFTEX.

Our company is still run by the same passionate experts who pioneered the modern roof lifting industry over the last 50 years. A family business at heart, LIFTEX joins the wisdom of the past with the foresight of the next generation to deliver an unmatched experience for clients all around the country. We live and breathe ways to optimize and scale your existing buildings’ cubic footage. 


The commercial real estate business is changing rapidly, and there has never been a  tighter industrial marketplace. Property costs are skyrocketing in ways that no one could have anticipated, and interest rates are rising. Space for new large warehouses in established and growing metro areas is drying up, while obsolete buildings in prime locations sit vacant and useless.

Meanwhile, businesses that simply need to increase their cubic footage to facilitate their growth and expansion are left with few options. Those include traditional expansion and/or risking long downtimes by relocating inventory and staff to a new property. In many cases, our service allows these clients to repurpose the existing building and boost capacity all the same with a roof lift.

With LIFTEX, clients see another world of possibilities with the space they already own. Now you know the ‘new us’, and we can’t wait to meet you. 


If you think your property may be a good candidate for roof lifting, or you’re just curious about the roof lifting process, contact our team today. We’re happy to guide any prospective customer through the process and help guide you to the best solutions that align with your business goals. 

We’ve come to understand that most property owners do not make even the simplest construction decisions without having their questions answered thoroughly. You’d be delighted to hear that when you contact LIFTEX, you’re talking to the ones who have been there since the beginning. And just like our 100% roof lifting success rate, we’ll be all-in on your project whenever you’re ready.


For a quick estimate, fill out and submit the quote form. While a firm quote requires a site survey, we’ll provide an indicative figure. Attach documents, drawings, or images to the lead form for better assessment. Thank you!