Roof Lifting

Vertically Expand Buildings for Maximum Cubic Footage.

For nearly 50 years, LIFTEX Roof Lifting has been helping businesses grow and scale their operations without the costly, time-killing process of relocating, rebuilding, or new construction.

Businesses that need more space as they grow can simply expand upwards, instead of spending considerable time and money purchasing and developing new land, transporting machinery and products to another existing space, or subjecting your employees and communities to the anxiety of job loss or relocation. 

Raising the roof on your current building is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and ethical.

It also provides a surefire way to get the results you want faster, without disruptions to your fine-tuned operations.

The LIFTEX Benefits.

Tremendous Savings

Raising an existing roof can be more cost-effective than new construction or demolishing and rebuilding, or even moving an entire operation to a different existing building.

Expand Fast

Roof lifting may take as little as ⅓ of the time needed for new construction, meeting your business’s needs compared to completely upending business operations.

Maximize Efficiently

Get the most from your existing assets and unlock up to 3x more usable space. Spend less time and money versus relocation, rebuilding, or new construction.

The Six Steps of Roof Lifting.

Our system is adaptable and highly effective in nearly every situation. Our roof lifting procedure ensures minimal disruption to daily operations and maintains 100% safety for your team and ours. It’s our unique process that allows our experts to seamlessly operate in occupied buildings.


Make every lift point a steel telescope


Account for the perimeter


Install temporary bracing and lifting equipment


Separation of the roof and inspection


Lifting the roof


Structural re-support

Project Portfolio.

We offer incredible height solutions for projects of
all sizes and building types, each ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. Explore our
recent and historic roof-lifting projects across
multiple industries and building types.

Our Team.

Our decades of experience in roof lifting services, dedicated work ethic, and innovative structural engineering and continued technology development ensure that your project is in the best hands, no matter the building type, age, or size.

Our Blog.

Why raise an existing roof? How much does it cost to raise a roof? Get the answers and learn everything you need to know about roof lifting and and the steel used to do it from our team of industry experts.


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