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We Increase the Usable Space within Existing Properties so they can Boost Productivity and Attract Ideal Tenants.

We are LIFTEX Roof Lifting.

For nearly 50 years, our company has offered a solution that is proven to give clients what they need in order to repurpose their outdated space – a lifted roof that increases usable cubic footage. When a company finds they have grown and need to scale beyond their current spaces, their first reaction is to expand on the property they have or relocate somewhere new. Either can be a costly and disruptive process. However here at LIFTEX, we know there’s another option available – you just have to look up. 

LiftEx, formerly known as EZ-Riser Roof Raising, is the innovative leader in commercial roof lifting across the USA. By offering this practical and unique roof lifting solution for over 50 years, we’ve helped save millions of dollars for our clients that simply needed more cubic space to accommodate their expanding needs. 

The needs of modern business and the commercial real estate market are changing in ways never before seen. LIFTEX is on a mission to help property owners, tenants, investment groups, general contractors and the like better equip end users for sustainable growth, while minimizing unnecessary costs. 

Growth is necessary for our clients to stay competitive and meet the needs of their own clients, and making decisions regarding property and facilities can be stressful. Relocation and new construction cause disruptions for business operations as well as the communities who sustain them. Our innovative approach offers a better solution that modernizes existing spaces with less disruption, allowing them and their occupants to stay connected to their communities.

Mission Statement.

‘LIFTEX is dedicated to maximizing the potential of existing buildings and the resulting impact on their occupants. We work tirelessly to offer innovative and sustainable solutions that rewrite the book on what can be achieved with commercial properties, keeping exceptional craftsmanship and environmental stewardship at the forefront. We are committed to transforming the industrial landscape, raising the bar, and literally lifting roofs to help our clients ascend to new heights.’

Project Portfolio.

We’re proud to offer one of the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions for projects seeking to expand upwards. Our unparalleled approach to lifting using engineered steel eliminates the need for replacement and removal of items like roofing, insulation, decking, and other materials. By preserving as much of the structure and roof as possible, we’re able to save our clients’ money and improve recyclability and sustainability.

Roof lifting projects tend to cost less and are completed faster than moving to a new location or breaking ground on new construction. That’s why so many of our clients are delighted to learn they can safely and efficiently achieve the 100% safe and effective results they need in less time. In a day and age where professionals must be as resourceful as ever, we enable a solution to revive manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers, and others for the needs of modern times.

Meet The Team.

Our decades of experience in roof lifting services, dedicated work ethic, and innovative structural engineering and continued technology development ensure that your project is in the best hands, no matter the building type, age, or size.

Our History.

Our parent company, Industrial Services Enterprises (ISE) is moving forward from the EZ Riser Roof Raising brand and into LIFTEX. This evolution will better enable us to provide you with excellent service as well as expand the deployment of structural steel technology. Founded in 1976, ISE is a leading steel fabrication and erection company based in Rockaway, New Jersey.

Roof lifting services came about when our founder, Frank Donnelly, saw an opportunity to deliver an unconventional solution to a client that desired a taller roof. Realizing the unique value of roof lifting, Frank developed and secured a patent for the first commercial roof lifting system, setting the foundation for EZ Riser, and now LIFTEX.

Throughout the years, our company has raised tens of millions of square feet of roof surface area with a 100% success rate. Every roof we have lifted remains standing today, save any intentionally demolished later, giving our clients piece of mind.

LIFTEX has been continuously owned and operated by the same families in the same fabrication facility for over 50 years. We believe in our ethos of helping businesses maximize their current properties so much that we’ve used our own techniques for our own facilities!

Now, the next gen of the same families and team are looking to the future. Even after 50 years, we feel our best work is still ahead of us. Helping America build up is a tremendous task, and we know we have our work cut out for us. Fortunately, LIFTEX is just getting started.

Where We’re Going.

Now, LIFTEX is shifting into a higher gear and setting our sights on the future. For years we’ve noticed a need for more adaptable solutions for modern businesses in manufacturing, warehousing, retail, and much more.

In this, we also believe that our roof lifting solutions are an innovative way to propel industry sustainability by reimagining the capabilities of existing real estate. Roof lifting naturally allows businesses to configure their current properties in a way that satisfies modern needs, eliminating the costly – and often wasteful – events that occur when pivoting and moving to a different locale.

By lifting their roofs, company stakeholders are making a smarter decision, not only for their business, but also for the local economy. Choosing this solution helps retain and/or attract employment opportunities that are critical to bolstering the community, lifting it up instead of abandoning it.

Our goal is to make roof lifting a mainstream option for adapting real estate to meet business and community needs all across the United States. With an ever-changing business and social environment, our country has already seen a need to rethink and repurpose office spaces, industrial buildings, and more. Roof lifting is the ethical and logical next step for businesses that need to expand while maintaining commitments to their employees, the environment, and their stakeholders.


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