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LIFTEX Leadership

LIFTEX Roof Lifting is owned and operated by the most experienced professionals in the roof lift industry.

Here is our team dedicated to surpassing your expectations.



Salvatore Dispenziere.

Chairman and Chief Financial Officer

Salvatore Dispenziere Jr. has served on the Board of Directors and as Chief Financial Officer of ISE and LIFTEX for nearly 25 years. A CPA by profession, Sal has been the managing partner of Dispenziere and Associates certified public accountants for over 30 years.  

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Frank Spender Sr., one of the founding fathers of ISE recruited Sal in 1978 as a member of his corporate accounting staff at American Brands, Inc. In 1986 Sal joined ISE as CFO. Sal credits Frank Spender Sr., with mentoring him extensively not only early in his career at American Brands, Inc. but also the ins and outs of the steel industry. While Sal had to learn a few things about steel and roof lifting in his early years with the company, he brought a wealth of experience fostering a familial work culture that encourages collaboration, communication, confidence and honesty with clients, and setting a high standard at work that others find infectious. 

Mr. Dispenziere credits his father with instilling a deep, unwavering work ethic within him, and teaching him to never give up on the pursuit of your goals. In his earliest days at LiftEx, these lessons inspired Sal to develop a team that was equally talented and determined to be the best in the business, no matter what it took to get there.  

The central values that guide Sal’s life and professional career are honesty, confidence, and the willingness to be a team player. He has never been afraid to ask questions and encourages – and expects – the rest of the team to do the same in the constant pursuit of betterment.

After many of LiftEx’s unique roof-lifting accomplishments, he feels these lessons have taken root in the team. Sal is proud of all the work the company has done and is equally excited about the future of roof lifting. Even after lifting an awe-inspiring 100,000 square feet in the middle of a fully-functional Chrysler plant – enough space to fill more than 12 football fields – he still believes the most impressive projects are yet to be completed. 

In addition to growing LiftEx into one of the nation’s most unique construction businesses, Sal is dedicated to giving back to his community and helping those who may not be able to help themselves. He believes that wealth that is earned should be shared in a virtuous way, which is why he enjoys working with his son Sal III founder of ERC Charities, coordinating golf outings, events, and fundraisers for the benefit of autistic and special needs children. 

Salvatore Dispenziere can be described in one phrase as a family man. He is a loving son, brother, father, and grandfather, and feels that family is everything. He knows that the proof of that moniker is evident in a family-run business like LiftEx and is proud that together they will usher in a new era for the roof lifting industry. 

 In his free time, Sal likes to travel, play golf and spend time with his wife, seven children, and twelve grandchildren.

John Bernauer.


John Bernauer, son of one of the founding partners of Industrial Services Enterprises, was born into the roof lifting business. He was fortunate to start learning the trade at an early age, gaining from his father’s valuable lessons. Keeping an open mind and embracing knowledge in everything you do has assisted John in moving up the company ranks. John has worked at all levels from the ground up to learn the ropes of the business. 

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After gaining a bachelor’s degree in business from The University of Indianapolis, along with 21 years of experience with LIFTEX, John has passionately become an expert within the roof-lifting industry. 

John feels fortunate he was mentored by some of the earliest and most knowledgeable team members at Industrial Services Enterprises and LIFTEX. Greg Benson and Dick Netel along with his father are just a few who were among those who taught John field operations, project estimations, and production management. These skills are among the many that aid in John’s construction leadership repertoire.

Additionally, of the many core values in which John’s professional upbringing ingrained in him, safety and efficiency are the most important. He is committed to safety above all else and takes great pride in the 100% safety record LIFTEX has achieved. 

Currently, as a mentor himself to the new generations entering the roof lifting business, John Bernauer leads by example and always exhibits the type of professional behavior he strives for in his team. He inspires his employees to be ever curious and to always ask questions for clarity. There’s no shame in not knowing an answer like there is in making a serious mistake. This mindset is just one of the many attributes he encourages in every aspect of business and in life.

John Bernauer envisions incredible growth and opportunity for the future of the roof lifting industry. He continues to stay ahead of the curve by staying abreast of new developments. In his words, he’s a forever student in construction trends, digesting current information whenever possible from all available sources. 

John has dedicated his career to perfecting the roof lifting process and delivering to LIFTEX’s clients the innovative and game-changing solutions they need.

Doug Spender Jr.

Vice President

Doug Spender Jr. serves as LIFTEX’s Vice President and Director of Operations, ensuring the business is a well-oiled machine prepared to meet and exceed the needs of clients around the country. Doug is a third-generation roof lifting expert who feels incredibly fortunate to have been immersed in an exciting industry early in his career.

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His journey with LIFTEX began 18 years ago, coming to work with his father, Doug Sr., who served as Chairman and President and had over 30 years of experience in the steel industry. 

Doug learned from day one to work hard and absorb as much information as possible, a lesson passed down from a family with over half a century of experience working in steel. He learned what grit and determination looked like working as an ironworker, then got a taste for the roof lifting industry working as a foreman for his father’s company. After obtaining a degree in business management and a master’s degree in business administration from Coastal Carolina University, Doug Jr. came to work full-time to dedicate his career to roof lifting. 

An expert in many facets of roof lifting, Doug Jr. is deeply experienced, highly educated, and exceedingly capable of finding ways to solve problems old and new. He wants clients to know that he’s dedicated to delivering optimal solutions that will fit their budget and handle the needs of their growing business. Having worked in a family-run business for most of his life, he understands that in order to be successful, you have to be there for your customers when they need you. That’s why he says he’s ‘always on,’ whether it’s while he’s at the office, in the field on a project, or on the golf course. 

He believes people should work hard and enjoy what they do; as the fruit of our labors is incredibly rewarding, not just financially, but creatively as well. To him, there’s nothing like seeing a project leap off a set of drawings into real life as a completed project. 

Doug Jr. is proud of the accomplishments that LIFTEX has achieved over the years, and he truly feels the team is primed and just getting started.

Sandy D’Emidio.

Vice President, Structural Steel

Sandy D’Emidio Jr. began working at Industrial Services Enterprises in 1999, when he was just 17 years old. His father was the president of ISE at the time, and he felt strongly that his son should see what commitment and hard work in a family-run business looked like from a young age, a perspective Sandy strongly agrees with.

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What started as working in the steel shop during the summers of his high school years turned into a full-fledged career in the steel and roof lifting industry that has consistently exposed Sandy to new methods and ideas. 

Having worked in the fabrication shop, on job sites in the field, and for the past decade in the office, he’s experienced nearly every aspect of the business first-hand. He describes himself as one of the most punctual yet laid-back people you will ever meet. Sandy believes in cultivating a team that can work hard and play hard, and expects employees and crew members to hold themselves to a higher standard. 

By working with a like-minded professional group of roof lifting experts, he’s able to spend more time doing what he does best, and not correcting behavior. Sandy is first and foremost committed to honesty and integrity. He knows that honesty is the most important value in any business, and is straightforward and truthful with every client or prospect from the get-go, regardless of the outcome for his business.

He values each and every client like they are the only one the company has, and gives 100% of his effort on every roof lifting job. His philosophy on work is that in order to be successful, you have to go into your job everyday eager to do the best you can, and love the work you do. He would not waste a minute doing something he does not like, and as a result, feels lucky that at LIFTEX, he doesn’t have to.

Holly Luciano.



Holly’s journey in the accounting world began in 2008, and since then, she has carved a niche for herself through her dedication and expertise. As a CPA and partner at Dispenziere and Associates LLC, Holly honed her skills in the preparation of corporate, partnership, and individual tax returns. 

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Her career trajectory took off while she was still a student at Montclair State University, balancing her studies with her initial role at Dispenziere & Associates LLC. Her pursuit of excellence led her to KPMG LLP, where she further developed her proficiency as an audit associate before returning to Dispenziere & Associates LLC in 2013.

Holly joined LIFTEX in 2019 when she saw an opportunity to aim her dedication to the advancement of roof lifting in the commercial real estate industry. Holly’s expertise makes her an instrumental figure in the LIFTEX mission of revolutionizing the way people approach commercial real estate development. Her insights and strategies are vital in navigating this complex and innovative field.

As an accounting professional who must be meticulous and vigilant everyday, Holly fits right in with the rest of the LIFTEX team. Holly is a proud holder of an Accounting degree from Montclair State University and a member of the New Jersey Society of CPAs, Holly Luciano’s blend of professional acumen and industry experience makes her a cornerstone in the LIFTEX team.


Brian Vreeland.

Director of Sales

Brian Vreeland has always been drawn to the commercial industrial sector. The focus on engineering, problem-solving, and innovation that goes into expanding commercial properties upwards made joining LIFTEX an easy choice. A veteran of the oil and energy industries for much of his professional career, Brian was exposed to a wide range of commercial construction projects in that space that made him feel right at home with LIFTEX.

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He has always worked closely with commercial construction entities, whether that be through management of the build out of LPG plants and pump stations, or through oversight of contracts with key construction clients.

Now he is making a strategic pivot to a more sustainable element of commercial business and sees roof lifting hitting that bullseye since no other building expansion option can match the environmental responsibility of roof lifting.

Brian met the LIFTEX team through his network and instantly identified with everyone on board, sensing their deep commitment to the unique work they do lifting roofs safely, expeditiously, and economically. He feels the opportunity to make an impact in such an important field is just too hard to pass up and too rewarding not to participate. Brian is most energized by forging deep relationships with clients and working tirelessly to provide valuable solutions to their ever-changing challenges.

He’s humbled by the scope of the projects and the results they will deliver for clients, as well as by the positive impact that roof lifting has on so many industries and communities. Brian is keenly aware of the critical attention to detail that the business requires and draws on his past experiences and influences to further develop the sales and marketing components of LIFTEX. He knows that the team here is 100% aligned and focused on the short and long-term goals of the firm and he believes that with enough hard work and dedication, LIFTEX will continue to be the dominant force in commercial roof lifting around the country.

Matt Devito.


Lead Estimator, Project Manager

Whether it’s developing a new system for roof lift estimating or ensuring millions of square feet of roofing materials do not end up in a landfill, Matt Devito is always busy guiding LIFTEX into the future. Matt was hand-picked to join the team to assist with improving the bidding process back in 2018, and has since immersed himself in nearly every aspect of roof lifting.

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Adding roof lift design and project management to his scope of work, Matt quickly developed a deep understanding of the many working parts of LIFTEX’s operations. This has allowed him to identify areas of the business that would benefit from modernization and execute them, creating a more seamless and clear plan for clients.

After working on dozens of projects over the years, Matt has recognized that every project not only comes with its own unique challenges but also offers incredible learning opportunities that have enabled the company to work even more thoughtfully. He has played a major role in developing and implementing new technologies and methods that directly contribute to project success and surpassing client expectations.

As the premier client contact for contracted projects, he is passionate about empathetically communicating pertinent details to customers to ensure clear expectations and avoid needless confusion. He loves working on a team that has aligned goals and a singular mission – to provide clients the best possible value with a safe and secure lifted roof in a reasonable amount of time.

Having worked with many different types of clients, he’s learned that every project and company will need a bespoke solution that fits their own style and needs. Matt does not believe in forcing a round peg through a square hole. He knows that every project is different, and before suggesting an off-the-shelf solution, he works hard to get all the kernels of information he needs to best serve the job. 

His finest moments are working hand-in-hand with customers to turn those solutions into a reality, making sure the client feels heard and understood throughout the process. Matt is excited about LIFTEX’s expansion across the country and sees roof lifting jobs for national clients as a massive driver for that. However, he believed it is crucial to give every customer the same thoughtful and careful attention to truly stand apart as the nation’s premier roof lifting construction company.

Tim Brown headshot

Tim Brown, P.E.


Structural Engineer

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Huntington County, Pennsylvania, Tim Brown has always been familiar with the virtues of hard work and determination. His formative years on the farm instilled in him a deep appreciation for the value of perseverance and ingenuity—traits that have significantly shaped his career. Tim’s journey from the rural landscapes of Pennsylvania to the complex world of structural engineering is marked by dedication, service, and continuous learning.

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Tim’s path took a decisive turn during his service as a Marine Corps veteran in Cambodia, where he encountered an officer whose skill in building bridges inspired him to pursue a similar path. This experience ignited a passion for structural engineering, leading him to leverage the GI Bill to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Penn State University.

Embarking on his professional journey in Maryland, Tim specialized in bridge design and inspection, laying the foundation for his expertise in structural engineering. His commitment to excellence and continuous improvement drove him to pursue further education, earning a Master’s degree through evening classes at Johns Hopkins University.

It was in Maryland where Tim’s personal and professional lives harmoniously intertwined. He met his wife, Amanda, and together they embarked on a new chapter, eventually settling in New Jersey. Tim’s career transitioned to Industrial Services Enterprises (ISE), where he found a community that resonated with his values and work ethic. At ISE, Tim relishes the challenges and diversity of projects, especially the unique experience each roof raise presents, blending fieldwork with office strategy to achieve success.

Tim and Amanda celebrated their union in 2017 and welcomed their first child, Emmaline, in 2023. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tim is an avid golfer, hunter, and fitness enthusiast. His commitment extends to his local church, where he is an active member, and he cherishes the moments spent on his family’s farm, eagerly anticipating the day he can share this piece of his heritage with his children.

Tim Brown’s journey from a dairy farm to the forefront of structural engineering at ISE embodies a story of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to both his family and profession.


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