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Benefits of Roof Lifting

How Does Lifting the Roof Improve your Property?.

When businesses experience growth and begin to scale, at some point they realize more space is required to achieve their goals.

Whether the goal is boosting productivity, expanding operations, or creating a new customer experience, it often means buying new land and buildings, as well as moving entire operations to a new locale. 

However, businesses sometimes lose strategic advantages when moving to new places, and sometimes those losses amount to more than the benefits gained.

Likewise, vacating business tenants can leave property owners at risk of losing reliable cash flows for an unknown amount of time, increasing risk and uncertainty. 

Our clients have learned that lifting their roof to allow more usable cubic footage has helped attract and retain the perfect tenants, reducing both vacancies and lost revenue. 

Here are just some of the benefits that have helped our clients since we began lifting roofs over 50 years ago.

The 10 Major Benefits of Roof Lifting.

1. Roof Lifting Increases Cubic Footage, Enabling Increased Productivity
Roof lifting increases the capacity of a building, making it more attractive to certain businesses that require a high cubic footage or clear height for their operations. Whether it’s a large retail warehouse or a regional distribution center, a larger property can accommodate more diverse needs. Additionally, building owners maintain a competitive advantage in finding tenants when their property has more clear height compared to other properties in the market.
2. Roof Lifting Can Be Less Disruptive to Operations
Most businesses fear the prospect of extended downtime, making the minimal operational disruptions of “building up” one of the paramount benefits of roof lifting. Researching, purchasing, and developing a new property can take months, if not years, and often the move from one location to other results in steep financial losses. In this way, our customers achieve positive ROI in shorter periods of time compared to moving operations completely.
3. Roof Lifting has Reduced Overhead Costs Compared to New Construction
Consolidating operations into one larger property can reduce and even eliminate some unnecessary costs. This would mean lower expenses for utilities, property taxes, and building maintenance compared to multiple properties, saving countless fixed costs. Consider the reduced management overhead needed for one primary space compared to a network of buildings, and the costs only continue to fall.
4. Roof Lifting Preserves the Existing Roof System
Commercial roofing can be expensive in its own right. By using LiftEx to raise the roof, the existing water-tight roof system remains in place as the roof is lifted, eliminating the need to install a new roof on top of the structure. Our proprietary roof lifting system is designed to reuse as much of the existing building as possible, minimizing and often preventing additional costs.
5. Roof Lifting Boosts Employee and Community Satisfaction

Uprooting operations and moving them to a new location often dictates the loss of an advantageous geographical area for the business as well as the loss of a percentage of current employees.  Firms must then undertake substantial costs, time expenditures, and risks when hiring and onboarding new personnel. By building upwards, businesses can grow with little disruption to local communities and employees, increasing morale and improving efficiency along the way.

6. Roof Lifting Increases Speed to Market

Compared to developing a new property, roof lifting gives businesses a quicker solution to go to market. Time and again this prevents a loss in revenue and production that is accompanied by stopping operations and then starting them again at a new location. Often firms simply need more cubic footage to expand their operations and assume that moving to a new plant is the only solution. With roof lifting, they can achieve their goals with minimum disruptions, helping earn a positive return in a fraction of the time. 

7. Roof Lifting Increases Marketability and Potential Revenue

By offering more usable space, roof-lifted properties allow tenants the opportunity to boost sales and revenues, as the extra room can be used to increase production or storage. This is mutually beneficial in that occupying businesses can improve operational efficiency while property owners can optimize their commercial property investment with more cubic footage. Many times vertically-expanded properties achieve net positive ROI in just a few years’ time due to increased capabilities.

8. Roof Lifting has a Simplified Permit Process

The permit process is dramatically more streamlined versus a new construction project. This saves property owners and businesses enormous time and effort by eliminating their need to navigate regulatory procedures, compliance risks, and zoning laws. With less ‘red-tape’, additional cubic space can be developed and usable in a fraction of the time that traditional new construction requires.

9. Roof Lifting is Often Cost-Effective Compared to New Construction

Unlike new construction, roof lifting doesn’t require purchasing new land or breaking ground with heavy construction (excavating, etc). Often more cost-effective and faster from start to finish, lifting the roof of an existing property can reduce operational delays and erase the need for the overwhelming administrative tasks that come with building new properties and hiring new employees. 

10. Roof Lifting is Environmentally Conscious

For property owners and businesses with environmental sustainability goals, lifting the roof on an existing property is often the obvious choice. LiftEx’s process supports ‘brownfield’ development that aims to reuse existing buildings and avoid disturbing natural habitats. For firms looking for a cost-effective way to grow while keeping their environmental commitments, roof lifting is one of the premier options. 

Evolving Your Workspaces to Fit the Needs of Today.

The fast-paced business landscape of today requires us to be more thoughtful, creative, and nimble. Over the last 50 years in business, LIFTEX has found a way to help businesses achieve their goals in ways never thought possible.

The transformative nature of roof lifting introduces businesses to an entirely new realm of possibilities where property marketability, operational efficiency, and environmental consciousness converge. In our view, as we assess the future of commercial real estate, we must not look outwards, but upwards at the limitless potential of roof lifting.


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