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This project comes to LIFTEX from Baltimore, MD for a beverage distribution company looking to add cold storage space. The project features the shoring and removal of an interior load bearing wall, and converting the roof frame from wall bearing to steel bearing using our LIFTEX system. This project will also feature our Fast Panel enclosure system, sporting 3.5″ of spray foam (R24) insulation inside pre-fabricated metal panels, with an interior metal liner panel finish. LIFTEX crews Raised this roof in late January of 2021 and enclosed it with Fast Panels shortly after.

Project Name : Legends
Location : 6301 Seaforth St, Baltimore MD
Building Square Footage : 80,320
Pre Lift Roof Height : ~18’6″
Post Lift Roof Height : ~30’6″
Roof Lifted : 12′
Added Cubic Feet : 963,840
Project Completion Date : 2-2021


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