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How Roof Lifting Makes Retail Spaces More Lucrative

By Maximizing Cubic Footage, Property Owners and Businesses Alike Get More Bang for Their Buck.

With all the fast-paced changes impacting modern logistics, businesses need more from their warehouses than ever before. Once a company decides that their current space is no longer serving them, an expensive and time-consuming search for a new warehouse is not far away.

However, there are ways for warehousing businesses to avoid the steep costs of purchasing a new property or developing new land. Making improvements to current warehouse space often satisfies the growing needs of the company and saves business owners thousands if not millions of dollars in the long run.

By making some structural changes to an existing commercial property, businesses can multiply their capabilities at a fraction of the cost of moving operations to a new location.
Below we’ll talk about some of the best options for business expansion.

Increased Inventory Levels, Bulk Cost Savings, Seasonal Flexibility.

When retailers have a property with tall ceilings, they reap many benefits that stores with lower ceilings and smaller footprints simply can’t provide. By keeping items on shelves and racks in-house, these businesses increase their inventory levels and on-hand stock positions, which in turn lead to less stock-outs, opportunities for bulk purchasing, and more satisfied customers.

With more inventory on hand, customers are more likely to make purchases on the spot, driving sales. Also, retailers benefit from reduced purchasing and shipping fees when items are bought and shipped in large quantities.

These businesses will enjoy seasonal and promotional flexibility in their space as well, where they can stock up on items that are mainly sold during sales events, holidays, and more, without cramping the space of year-round inventory.

When large retailers are looking for commercial real estate for their next location they will inevitably search for properties that clear a suitable height for their operational needs. Property owners can improve their chances of getting these lucrative contracts by lifting their roof to a clear height capable of comfortably housing these big-box retailers.

With More Efficient Use of Space, Big Businesses Can Fit In Small Spaces.

In densely populated urban areas square footage is increasingly hard to come by. When a property on a desirable city block becomes available, it often suffers by limiting the types of companies that need more cubic footage to fully operate.

Fortunately, property owners and managers can massively boost their site’s value by lifting the roof and creating more cubic footage. By raising the building’s clear height, they can attract more tenants that don’t necessarily need a large footprint to operate but need to take advantage of vertical space for inventory storage and operations.

With extra storage space, businesses are able to serve better online order fulfillment while reducing dependence on external storage, even in the tightest of spaces.

With a taller roof, these businesses can fit in a small footprint on a crowded city block without paying the higher rental fees of a larger footprint space. This is how large retailers like Best Buy or Floor & Decor gain a competitive advantage over other retailers in similar areas.

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