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Enterprise, Harrisburg

A short raise of only 4’7″, the project is being completed for the truck division of Enterprise vehicle rentals. The structures features a 70′ clear-span from wall to wall for the entire length of the lift. The raise will allow enterprise to drive in and repair/clean up the trucks they will rent from the location.

ISE was also able to cut the building 4 bays in from the end, to save an existing office space. In doing so, a high-low situation was created, and therefore reinforcing was needed for snow drift. In a time where joists lead times are 10-12 months, ISE needed to get creative to solve the issue. The client demolished an adjacent structure with the same framing, and so ISE developed a plan to re-use the old joists from that structure as snow-load joists here, creatively solving the lead time issue for our client.

Project Name : Enterprise – Harrisburg
Location : Harrisburg, PA
Building Square Footage : ~16,000
Pre Lift Roof Height : 14’5″
Post Lift Roof Height : 19′
Roof Lifted : 4’7″
Added Cubic Feet : ~72000
Project Completion Date : November 2021


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