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C. Kenneth Imports

One of our tallest roof raising projects ever, going from 16′ clear all the way to 44’+ clear! The project was raised in two different lifts, and included three 100′ clear-span trusses. The building will now contain a racking system that spans from floor to ceiling, with part of the space being renovated to freezer storage. LIFTEX was able to almost triple the cubic space of this 10,000 sqft building located in the Hunts point section of the Bronx, NY.

Project Name : C. Kenneth Imports
Location : Bronx, NY
Building Square Footage : 10,000
Pre Lift Roof Height : 16′-0″
Post Lift Roof Height : 44′-9″
Roof Lifted : 28′-9″
Added Cubic Feet : 287,500
Project Completion Date : June 2019


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