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3 Ways to Increase Your Warehouse’s Capabilities and Boost Efficiency

Your warehouse could be earning more per cubic foot. See how property owners are earning higher revenues with these tips for getting more out of your existing space.

With all the fast-paced changes impacting modern logistics, businesses need more from their warehouses than ever before. Once a company decides that their current space is no longer serving them, an expensive and time-consuming search for a new warehouse is not far away.

However, there are ways for warehousing businesses to avoid the steep costs of purchasing a new property or developing new land. Making improvements to current warehouse space often satisfies the growing needs of the company and saves business owners thousands if not millions of dollars in the long run.

By making some structural changes to an existing commercial property, businesses can multiply their capabilities at a fraction of the cost of moving operations to a new location.
Below we’ll talk about some of the best options for business expansion.

What Do Warehouses Need?.

When considering a warehouse space, most companies want the best location, an optimal floor plan, and the right building height to adequately contain their business operations.

While we’re not focusing on location in this blog, there are several actions property owners can take to improve their operations right where they are.

Optimize the Floor Plan and Layout.

By redesigning the space for optimal workflow throughout the building, a warehouse can become far more efficient and earn a higher ROI as a result. It can be hard to envision, but there is often more usable space in a warehouse than originally thought.

• Decreasing aisle width can make room for storage rows.
Adding vertical racks increases storage efficiency.
Implementing new technology and warehouse management systems can help identify the ideal place for inventory storage.

 By analyzing and reconfiguring storage space, warehouses can get the results they need without having to uproot their business.

Expand Your Square Footage by Building Additional Ground Space.

Buying new land in another location may be off the table, but if there is usable land on your current property it could be developed as an addition to the existing site.

Expand your warehouse’s footprint by building on the land surrounding your warehouse and incorporating it into the new building.

Depending on the location and size of the lot your current warehouse is on, you could multiply your warehouse’s size considerably.

It is still expensive to develop owned land even if it is adjacent to an existing building, but it is more cost effective than moving location entirely.

This is generally viable for properties that rest on a large piece of land. Often adding on to a warehouse isn’t a viable solution if your space is in a crowded city block.

Lift the Roof to Increase Usable Cubic Footage.

One of the most cost-effective solutions is to lift the roof of the existing building so that vertical storage can be maximized.

Professional roof lifting companies like LIFTEX are able to expand your building vertically to allow more room for operational space without having to increase the building footprint. With a lifted roof, warehouse operations can achieve more efficiency per cubic foot, increase ROI on operations for businesses, and boost revenues for property owners.

Lifting the roof is almost always a shorter process than finding and developing new property, then outfitting it for operations (among other start-up requirements). Additionally, warehouse operations are almost never disrupted during a roof lift, allowing operations to continue while the roof lifting crew works around you.

Think lifting your commercial roof sounds improbable? Hundreds of companies have saved millions by lifting the roof of their existing property with LIFTEX!

Need Help Making a Choice?.

LIFTEX pioneered the commercial roof lift, helping businesses across the country earn more out of their existing spaces!

If your team is looking for options, or simply have questions about roof lifting, contact our team of roof lifting experts today!

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