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Small Industrial Spaces Benefit from Roof Lifting

Revitalizing Small Industrial Spaces with Roof Lifting.

Smaller commercial spaces play a huge role in fostering robust, diverse urban ecosystems, especially those within close proximity to developing cities. While these smaller spaces – most of which were built in the 1970’s and 80’s – provided plenty of operational capacity by the standards of their day, a lot has changed since, and LIFTEX is leading the charge to accommodate the newer, bigger demands of today.

In recent years, smaller industrial properties have consistently shown strong market performance and maintained impressive occupancy rates and rising rents. Their viability stands in stark contrast to other real estate sectors like luxury apartments and large office spaces, which currently face increasing vacancy rates due to a surge in new construction developments initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LIFTEX Small Industrial Spaces

Smaller Properties Provide More Resilience and Less Risk, but They’re Not Being Developed.

The resilience of smaller industrial properties is largely due to their insulation from supply-side risks.

These properties are often located in areas where securing land and entitlements for new industrial projects has become increasingly difficult. The average developer tends to turn their nose up at them unless there is a clear path to a substantial return.

This situation has created a unique niche where smaller, blue-collar businesses in need of smaller industrial space to store materials, equipment, and office space thrive, yet face a scarcity of suitable spaces.

The truth is that this scarcity is due to many large-scale developers focusing on bigger projects with higher payouts, rather than pouring resources into aging properties built in the 1970s and 80s that have unrealized (and cost-effective) growth potential.

Even more, large commercial real estate holders scarcely attempt to subdivide their larger properties into smaller rentable units that would benefit local businesses requiring less than 50,000 square feet of operational space.

As a result, there’s a notable shortage in small-bay industrial facilities that cater to this segment.

Demand Rises for Small-Bay Facilities.

In various U.S. markets, particularly those experiencing significant population growth – think Nashville, Tennessee, and Florida cities such as Jacksonville, Tampa, and Orlando – the demand for small industrial spaces is escalating.

These areas are bustling hubs for businesses essential to supporting local communities, including industrial trades like HVAC contractors, plumbers, and electricians.

The demand is similarly high in critical port markets like Virginia, South Florida, and Southern California, reflecting a broader national trend of scarcity in available small-bay industrial spaces.

Moreover, the strategic positioning of cities like Louisville, Kentucky — located in the heart of the electric vehicle manufacturing region — is a prime example of adaptable commercial spaces supporting emerging industries and major distribution networks.

However, despite the increasing demand, the availability of smaller industrial properties remains lacking, particularly in markets like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina, which favor economic policies for growth and the development of new, larger properties.

This situation highlights a gap in the market: a need for more flexible, accessible commercial spaces that can adapt to the dynamic needs of small to medium-sized enterprises without the lengthy timelines and capital required to achieve results quickly.

LIFTEX is the Small Industrial Space Solution.

At LIFTEX, we address this gap by providing our innovative roof lifting solution, helping property owners and developers reimagine their existing spaces to be more conducive to any business type or industry.

Roof lifting for small commercial and industrial properties does more than revitalize outdated or undersized buildings; it enhances their potential tenant base and property value while simultaneously cutting giant portions of the costs associated with new development.

What’s more, it allows smaller businesses to secure suitable property in advantageous locales without the stress of undue financial burden.

By increasing the clear height of existing structures, LIFTEX Roof Lifting transforms each space into more desirable properties for a range of industrial and last-mile uses, effectively reducing the time these spaces stay on the market and increasing their economic viability.

By creating the opportunity to improve aging/obsolete infrastructure to be more conducive to smaller industrial occupants, our process also helps invigorate the local economies by making these spaces more accessible and suited to the needs of growing businesses.

The Imperative of Property Investors: Going Small has Big Rewards.

Property investors looking to capitalize on the current market dynamics should consider the substantial benefits of repurposing and revitalizing small spaces in the industrial and commercial sectors.

The benefits are clear: investing in such upgrades not only meets a critical market need but also positions these properties as lucrative, high-demand assets in their portfolios.

As urban centers continue to grow and evolve, the strategic enhancement of industrial spaces through methods like roof lifting will prove essential in staying competitive and profitable in the commercial real estate market.

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