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Spinoso Real Estate Group 

Project Highlights.

●  40,000 cubic feet created.
Roof lifting was completed in only 3 months.
10 feet of clear height added to make room for a lucrative indoor playground.
Developed a dependable new partnership for future projects.


Spinoso Real Estate Group, a leader in managing and developing enclosed mall properties across the United States, faced a unique challenge – they needed to adapt one of their existing mall properties to meet the specific needs of a new tenant, Kids Empire, a popular indoor playground chain. After some research, Spinoso found an ideal roof lifting solution with LIFTEX, the nation’s premier commercial roof lifting and structural steel company. Implementing LIFTEX’s proprietary system provided the necessary clear height for the new facility, creating an additional 40,000 cubic feet of space to build the intricate children’s gym. Now, after the success of their first partnership, Spinoso and LIFTEX are taking on new roof lift projects around the country. See how LIFTEX revolutionizes commercial spaces in the full case study below. 


LIFTEX Commercial Roof Rising Case Study
LIFTEX Commercial Roof Rising Case Study

About Spinoso.

Founded in 2009 by industry veteran Carmen Spinoso, Spinoso Real Estate Group emerged as a response to the rapid consolidation of enclosed mall operators during the early to mid-2000s. Recognizing the growing need for a specialized platform to support banks, special services, and investors, Spinoso Real Estate Group brought together a wealth of expertise and experience. 

With over 35 years in the industry and a portfolio encompassing more than 80 million square feet of leasing, management, and repositioning across the United States, Spinoso REG is dedicated to maximizing value for their clients nationwide.

Now, Spinoso has an exclusive working relationship with Kids Empire, a chain of indoor children’s entertainment spaces that are growing in popularity around the country. Given Kids Empire’s ongoing need for more vertical space, Spinoso is working with LIFTEX to lift the roofs of existing mall properties around the USA. 

Identifying The Challenge.

Identifying the Challenge

Every Kids Empire location around the USA requires high clearances in order to install their complex play structures and equipment. Many of the malls managed by Spinoso, however, lacked the necessary vertical space. 

“Kids Empire requires a unique setup that often doesn’t fit within the existing structural plans of our properties,” explains Stephen Hutzel, Spinoso’s Senior Director of Construction. This was particularly true for the Partridge Creek Mall in Michigan, their first project with  LIFTEX. 

The Problem.

Before Stephen joined Spinoso Real Estate Group, preliminary discussions had taken place to redevelop the space at Partridge Creek Mall, which was long empty and had a clear height of only 15 feet. Upon joining, Steve reached out to Kids Empire to identify potential contractors. 

Steve was given a couple of recommended companies but chose to reach out to LIFTEX, where he was immediately impressed with their knowledge and expertise. “When I spoke to Rob Marek and Matt DeVito from LIFTEX, I knew they were the right team for this kind of job. They were able to come up with a high-level budget with very little information and had a pretty thorough vision for how the project would go,” Steve recalled.

LIFTEX Commercial Roof Rising Case Study

Process and Highlights.

Discovery of LIFTEX

Kids Empire recommended LIFTEX as a top choice for building enhancements. “LIFTEX stood out due to their innovative solutions and strong track record,” said Steve. “Their ability to communicate effectively with other trades and their problem-solving attitude made them an ideal partner for the project.”

Decision-Making Process

Personality and professionalism were key factors in choosing LIFTEX. “Most engineers are very ‘black-and-white’ and rigid in their communication. LIFTEX was different; they were personable and professional, always ready to listen and solve problems collaboratively,” Steve noted. Beyond their capabilities as a construction firm, it was refreshing to work with an expert group of construction professionals who spoke candidly and with common sense. 



Process and Highlights.

The project required lifting the roof to add an extra 10 feet of clear height across 4,000 square feet of the existing property, resulting in the addition of 40,000 cubic feet of space to house the extensive play equipment. LIFTEX managed the entire process, from engineering to the actual lift. “LIFTEX is a one-stop shop. They own the process, which is huge for us,” Steve emphasized. 

One challenge during the project was the amount of roof deck the roofing contractor cut open. The cut location fell into the raised space, which left a gap between the raised roof and the enclosure.  

Thinking on their feet to address the unforeseen setback, LIFTEX quickly resolved the problem by engineering, delivering & installing a different steel angle to create a clean edge and close the gap, avoiding any serious delays. “Next time, we’ll have LIFTEX communicate directly with the contractor to avoid such issues,” Steve remarked. 

As part of their design scope, LIFTEX engineered the light gauge metal stud enclosure. Recognizing ways to reduce unnecessary waste, LIFTEX was able to work with the contractor to make modifications in sizing and bracing that reduced the framing requirements from 16 inches on-center to 24 inches on-center. This adjustment saved significantly on both labor and material costs, another boon to LIFTEX’s ability to muster innovative solutions on the fly, whether it be for the scope they perform or the scope they design.

Results and Impact.

Ultimately, the Kids Empire roof lift began in October 2023 and finished in December 2023, less than a three-month span on site for preparation, lifting, and wrapping up construction. The increased clear height from the roof lift was critical for Kids Empire to move into the space. “It was absolutely necessary to lift the roof. Without it, the project wouldn’t have been possible,” said Steve. 

The successful roof lift enabled the installation of Kids Empire’s play structures, transforming the space into a vibrant, engaging environment for children, and further making the Partridge Creek Mall a destination for families with young children in the Clinton Township, MI area.

Unexpected Benefits.

The collaboration with LIFTEX not only met but exceeded expectations. “We began a long-term partnership for roof lifting projects at various Spinoso properties,” Steve explained. LIFTEX’s ability to reduce framing requirements and solve structural challenges efficiently provided huge cost savings. It also proved Spinoso had found a new partner who they could depend on, and who knew exactly what they needed to do to transform existing commercial real estate for the booming Kids Empire franchise.

Endorsement and Future Recommendations

Spinoso Real Estate Group plans to continue working with LIFTEX on future projects. “LIFTEX is a groundbreaking solution for professional real estate investors like us,” Steve stated. “Their collaborative and creative approach makes complex projects much smoother and more successful.” Currently, Spinoso Real Estate Group has plans to build another two Kids Empire locations outside of Michigan, with Matt, Rob, and the LIFTEX team on board to perform the roof lifts for the existing spaces.

Final Thoughts.

For businesses considering a roof lifting project, Steve offers this advice: “Working with a collaborative and creative group like LIFTEX is invaluable. They don’t let any roadblocks get in the way and are genuinely excited to solve problems and make projects happen. We were thoroughly impressed with everything they did. I look forward to working on many more projects together!”

When leaning on a company like LIFTEX to bring innovative roof lifting solutions to the table, businesses are empowered to adapt their existing properties to meet the needs of the modern economy while achieving significant ROI. 

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